About Us

Croydon Boxing Gym is the fastest growing boxing gym in Croydon, having obtained just over 200 members in just under 6 months of opening. With the help of our Head Coach and ex professional World and European Champion Ted Bami, we are becoming a hot spot for boxing talent in Croydon to train. Our aim is to provide high-quality boxing instructing to the talented youths of Croydon and make boxing in Croydon renowned.

We currently offer White Collar Boxing, Amateur Boxing, and Professional Boxing to all of those who want to compete. We strongly believe boxing in Croydon holds incredible talent and is being restricted by gangs and crime, so it is our aim to offer an escape route through boxing and offering job prospects competing, coaching and teaching. We want to give back to the community by keeping youths off the streets and teaching them discipline and giving them a goal to work towards.

Ted Bami, having spent his younger years on the streets pressured with gang violence, and constant stabbing threats, believes that boxing truly saved his life. Through boxing he spent all his time in the gym and ultimately rode to fame in achieving the #1 rank in the super lightweight division in Britain. Ted, along with the rest of Croydon Boxing Gym, want to provide the same opportunities to youths facing the same issues.

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