Beginners Boxing

Beginners boxing is designed for those with less than 3 months experience in boxing or any other martial arts. This class is available for all ages 12+ as youths train best under the influence of adults. Classes have a diverse mix of male and female, and adults and youths.

Beginner classes are designed to teach the fundamentals a beginner should know before moving into the intermediate class, which we expect would take roughly 3 months depending on how often you train. Techniques include things such as jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts as well as call-out sequences i.e. One Two's, Three, etc. We also focus on a lot on footwork for beginners, such as pivoting when you punch, moving forward and backward without bringing your feet together and how to shift in any direction.

With our beginner classes we want you to gain athleticism, fitness, and power. We do this by intensive training including running, sprints, bag work and body weight exercises in order to build your body to prepare for actual ring sparring which comes later in the intermediate class.

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