If boxers know one thing, it's how to cut weight before a fight.


Boxercise is a fun fitness class that we offer at Croydon Boxing Gym that is designed to build stamina and fitness and aid with weight loss. The classes consist of a lot of cardio which are specific towards boxing, helping to develop your boxing ability. This could include, for example, bag work, skipping, ab training, weight circuits and much more. These exercises are typical boxing exercises that are preformed in training camps when boxers are preparing for a fight. By doing these intense exercises you will notice intense weight loss, improved strength, and an overall detox of the body through sweating.

The Key Benefits:

Improved Fitness and Stamina

Improved Strength

Toned Physique

Detox Skin and Body

Weight Loss

Restful Sleep

If you are new to boxing and your goals are to lose weight and build your physique, boxercise is an excellent class to join! It's intensity will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting more.

The class is not just for beginners, experienced boxers that are trying to cut weight and build muscle will benefit greatly from these classes.

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