Boxing Bootcamp

Boxing is well-known as one of the best, if not the best, sport for cardiovascular improvement. Boxing burns on average 800 calories per hour, which is over 1/3rd of an average male burns in a whole day. It promotes muscular development, core stability, and linked with more restful sleep, improving your overall health.

At Croydon Boxing Gym, we offer our Boxing Bootcamp, specifically designed to improve overall fitness of our students through vigorous training using boxing techniques. Using traditional boxing paired with a tough circuit-like warm-up you will leave the class feeling worked and satisfied. Our classes are designed to push each individual to give their all and experience noticeable changes after consistent training.

With our staff of professional boxers, nobody knows how to cut weight faster. Professional boxers our notorious for cutting incredible amounts of weight in a very short amount of time before a fight, often losing 8kg a month before a fight. Further, it's not just weight, boxers need to retain every ounce of muscle, and we do that through our strict conditioning. This boxing class is the total package for those who want to make tremendous physical gains.

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