Your First Lesson

If you're ready to give boxing a go and want to sign up for your first lesson, here is everything you need to know!

Booking the Lesson

For your first lesson, you need to book in to let a member of staff know you are coming and to advise you on the best day to train. Thereafter you can simply turn up any day you wish. To do this please call 0800 772 3590 or e-mail - To cancel do it an hour before the lesson!

What to Wear

Attire for boxing training would be something comfortable and not too hot without zippers and buttons. Examples are shorts, leggings and a t-shirt for the summertime and sweatpants and a t-shirt for the winter. You will need comfortable trainers or boxing shoes. You cannot train barefoot or with sandals. Bring a bottle of water and a towel is also recommended.

What Equipment to Bring

Spare gloves will be provided if it is your first time training and you do not own any, but we expect you to purchase your own if you wish to take up boxing in the long-term. For your first session hand-wraps are optional but we encourage you to purchase them in the long-term to prevent injury. We sell both hand-wraps, boxing gloves, ropes, etc. at the front desk at a discounted price for students.

Who Will be my Coach?

Head coach Ted Bami will take most classes from Tuesday-Saturday and professional Boxer Nathan Wakuna will take Mondays.

What Class Do I Attend?

For Under 12's your child will attend the Kids Boxing classes. For 12+ your child will do the Teen & Adults class. For people new to boxing, you can join the Boxercise and Beginner Boxing classes. Women aged 12+ can join the Women's Boxing classes. Boxers with 3+ months experience can join the Intermediate Boxing class (ask before coming!)

Will I Have to Spar?

No. Unless you are a proven amateur/professional boxer with fights, 16oz gloves, hand wraps, mouth guard and a head guard we do not allow just anyone to spar on your first session. If you want to spar you need to make it known to your instructor and we will examine you.



Sparring is not mandatory but if you wish to spar you need to have certain things prepared.

Requirements for sparring are:

16oz Gloves

Moulded Mouth Guard

3.5-4.5m Hand Wraps

Boxing Head Guard

3+ Months Experience

Many people ask to spar after 1-2 lessons but we simply do not allow this. If you do not have the fundamentals down then sparring will be of no benefit to you and is likely to cause injury. To spar, you need to have a solid fountain in terms of jabbing, combinations, physical strength and stamina at a point where we feel comfortable to put you in the ring. Even then, it will be controlled and monitored at all time.

At Croydon Boxing Gym we have very skilled practitioners that can cause serious harm to inexperienced fighters so we take our time building your skills before we make you spar anyone to ensure a lower chance of injury. Getting hurt will prohibit your ability to train frequently and reduce your overall ability. Sparring is to prepare a boxer for a real match once he is physically fit, and should be treated as such and not a brawl.

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