Head Coach

26 Wins

7 Losses

Ted Bami


Ted Bami

Our Head Coach is Ted Bami, ex-professional boxer and ex-super lightweight European and World Champion. Ted has been training in boxing for over 20 years and has coached some of the top boxers of the sport. He made his first professional debut in 1998 and was nicknamed "Dangerous".

Since retirement, Ted had coached numerous professionals and took them up the ranks. Most commonly known for, was training his Nephew Isaac Chamberlain who went 10-0-0 before his unfortunate loss, and falling out with his coach.

Ted is willing to teach anyone boxing, professionally or just for recreation. If you do want to make a career out of boxing, then we will train you to that stage and give you the opportunity to compete.

Support Coach

11 Wins

3 Losses

Michael Likalu

Our support coach is an upcoming professional boxer with a good amateur background. Michael Likalu is currently gunning for professional recognition with 14 amateur fights under his belts, and 11 victories. He expects to climb the ranks whilst training under Ted and coaching at Croydon Boxing Gym.

To watch a short promotional with Michael, please click here

Michael Likalu

Professional Boxer

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