Intermediate Boxing

Intermediate boxing is for those who have at least 3+ months experience in boxing or other martial arts. Lessons are much for physically demanding than a beginner class and includes more complicated techniques, and fighting strategy. Here, we aim to build your own personal style depending on your preference.

For those who want to compete, intermediate boxing is where the White Collar and Amateur boxers will train to get experience in preparation for their fight. This class is where people are able to start sparring and putting their fundamentals to their test. For more information about sparring please click here:

A typical class for intermediate boxing will consist of a variety of exercises to build the fighter physically and technically. This can include running, shadow sparring, 10-12 rounds on the bags practicing different techniques, sparring, and much more. These boxing classes are therefore quite difficult and require boxers to have at least some experience before joining.

If you would like to know whether you are eligible to join an intermediate class, please contact our Croydon Boxing team through e-mail or number shown on the Contact Us tab or speak with the person at the front desk.

For more information of what to wear and bring please click the link below:

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