Childrens Boxing

If you are considering bringing your child into a sport or out-of-school activity, then boxing is a great choice for you. Boxing is a sport that builds:

  • Discipline

  • Self-Esteem

  • Fitness

  • Leadership skills

  • Teamwork and social skills

And much more.With 28% of children in the UK today being overweight or obese, putting your child into a fitness-demanding sport is a great step forward. Our aim is to take children that would otherwise be on the streets and involved in anti-social behaviour and give them a purpose and goal to work towards. We want students that are committed to boxing and put all their focus in to self-improvement; our goal is for them to achieve theirs.

In our lessons we teach children not just how to become a boxer, but also priceless life skills that help shape them into independent adults. Here are some of the things we try to promote with the children:

Reward: In order to teach children that hard work is acknowledged, every lesson we give a point for every activity we do. Points can be awarded for effort put into warm-ups and exercises, or impressive feats of skill such as bag work. At the end of the term points are added up and medals and trophies are given to the children based on their efforts.

Discipline: We keep our classes fun, but when it's time to work, we work. If children are misbehaving or don't want to participate in the activities then we employ a series of punishments. As aforementioned, we can award points for good effort and behaviour, but we also take them away for misbehaving. If the child continues to sulk, we simply pay no attention to them and continue the lesson until they calm down - tending to bad behaviour is the same as rewarding it.

Teamwork: At Croydon Boxing Gym, we employ an "All For One, One For All" mentality. If a student makes a mistake or doesn't follow instructions, all other students will be rewarded with push-ups. Rather than just giving push-ups throughout the lesson normally, we encourage the students to work and help each other to get the techniques right. Our idea is that we work together, we grow together.

Leadership: For a boxer, being a leader is very important. That's why during our classes we make the more experienced students teach the newer students the fundamentals so that they create friendships and also develop on their leadership skills.

Fitness: In a heavily autonomous age of computers, children are becoming increasingly more idle and unhealthy. To help combat obesity and unhealthy lifestyles we incorporate a vigorous training regime to get students fit and healthy. More importantly, we teach the children how they can remain healthy by training at home, hopefully encouraging a future healthy lifestyle.

Self-Defence: It should come as no surprise that boxing is an incredible self-defence, teaching children to defend themselves against bullies or strangers with ill intent. We teach children how to maximise their power by throwing their weight, utilising their full power. Being able to protect yourself is very important for any child, especially in Croydon.

Confidence: Building confidence is a key goal of ours, as many children are introverted and lack self confidence. This leads to difficulty later in life when communicating with others in general. Through boxing we teach the children to be confident by coming out their shell by encouraging communications with other students. We hope they gain the self-confidence to stand up for themselves and interact with other students. 

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