Teens Boxing

Boxing is an incredible sport that is renowned for it's vigorous training, with the highest calories burnt per hour than any other sport at 800 per hour. The countless health benefits of improved stamina, muscular and core development, and mental health play a critical role in a teenagers development. It will build their self-confidence, their social skills, and overall teamwork.

Teens Boxing is open to everyone in the ages of 12-17. At Croydon Boxing Gym, we want to make sure that each student is able to get as much 1-1 time with the instructor as possible. That's why we included a boxing class for teenagers. By separating the teens from the adults we are able to create a more focused boxing class with more coverage on the fundamentals, basic combinations and footwork.

However, our Teen class doesn't stop at basics; those who are more experienced and are thinking of doing boxing competitions can learn with the more advanced members in the class. The more experienced members can expect to do a more vigorous training session focused on sparring. Please note you will need your parents permission to spar in this class by filling the safety waiver form.

Teens boxing classes are on every weekday, except for Wednesday where it is merged with the adults. We want to encourage teenagers to take up boxing seriously at our gym and convert their passion into a useful life skill. We work hard in building students mentally to give them the confidence to succeed not just in boxing, but in life.

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