Women's Boxing

Women's Boxing is a female only class that we offer for those who want a judgement-free zone from male boxers. We understand that it can be intimidating or uncomfortable to train around men that are going all out on the bags. We want you to be at home when you box with us so we offer female-only classes.

These lessons are the same as a beginners boxing class and are designed to teach the fundamentals of boxing, such as jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and footwork. Coupled with that, lessons will entail high intensity cardio to build your stamina, cut weight, and help tone your physique. No two boxing classes are the same and will focus on a different aspect to work on, but will primarily focus on learning how to punch and defend yourself as well as building power behind that punch!

Your coach will be Ted Bami, our head coach and ex professional boxer. He is prolific in weight loss and physique building from his years as a professional boxer. Currently we do not have female staff that teach women only classes, but this is been organised to be run during weekday mornings and we will update you when it has been confirmed!

If you want to book your first session please call 0800 772 3590 or e-mail info@croydonboxing.co.uk and we will organise a day!

For more information about what to wear and bring click here:

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